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Time to ROCK with better whacks than Lizzie Borden ~Evan  Myquest

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Hey, it's PG13 some strong content      07/15/16 evan myquest

zomberiffic Zombies                           o_those_kids Damned kids

vampyr Battle-Vamps                        butsweetie Murdering lover

                         loose psychos     Loose Psychos                                        zomberiffic      Sir Charles-- a tribute to Chucky

Icemoon Da Wolf                       zomberiffic       Saucy Jacky       

   Double Helix cypherpunk Fiction      

Cypherpunkbitch Poem

  Plain Punk Horror Fiction 

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also Click this zombie thumb for a whole Adam Gallery. Adam Miller artwork on Zombie Highway, Icemoon's Gift and now 1 word bird, Veinspill, Mother..., Pieman, Chirp and 2rms   Credits

Extra diversified poetry in the light verse vein...my myspace notebook.